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Heating and Cooling is in our name, but we do so much more. We’re here for you no matter what your needs are. We have over 30 years of experience, and we strive to provide you excellent and affordable HVAC services.

You shouldn’t be able to see your breath indoors. Whether you need a new heater or your current one fixed, we’re here to help get your home or office back to a comfortable temperature.

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Summers are only getting hotter. Be ready when the sun comes up. Summers will tick up into the three digits. Your home and office needs working air conditioning and cooling. You can save time and money when you get installations and repairs on your AC units. Don’t miss Spring maintenance to make sure your home or office is ready for the blistering summer.

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Stagnant air is dangerous. It leads to mold and pollution, causing harmful health issues that could last years. Ventilation is a priority. Without it, polluted and stagnant air will sit in your home or office. Get a ventilation system repair or installation that allows indoor and outdoor air to circulate. Protect your home and your lungs with Pylant Maintenance.

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Bad wiring causing flickering lights and faulty outlets can lead to bigger problems. We’ll stop them from happening. We don’t want to scare you, but bad wiring is a ticking time bomb. It needs to be fixed quickly. Our professionals can come to your home and assess the issue. We care about you and your space. We want to make sure you’re taken care of.

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Air purifiers
The air in your space needs to be pure. We use REME HALO® to purify your entire home or building, filtering odors and harmful pollutants. Without purification, things slip through the cracks. Pollution is only increasing, and it will leak over into communities like ours. Because we care about you and your space, we provide air purification services with the leading brands of purifiers. Get fresh air in your home. Keep an eye on your indoor air quality.

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We also offer ductless mini split air conditioners. Ductless Mini Split Units allow you to adjust the temperature for different rooms and control the air on a room-to-room basis, as opposed to a centralized air unit. It is a wall-mounted air conditioning.

If different parts of your home or office, like your basement, for example, need to have a different temperature, we can provide and offer those services that a duct system can’t provide. We use ductless mini splits because we don’t want our customers to deal with the extra mess, longer installation times, and extra costs.
• Control different temperatures of different rooms
• Control the climate on different levels
• No extra ductwork costs.

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